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Homicide and Assault Victim Attorneys

Skilled, compassionate injury attorneys who have successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients.
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Young woman suffered severe traumatic brain injury while she was the passenger in a vehicle that was broadsided by a tractor-trailer that ran a red light while exiting I-95 South.

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Woman was violently struck by a school bus while walking home from work, suffered a traumatic brain injury.

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Motor vehicle operator struck worker while he was placing materials into the back of his work van, colliding full on with the rear of the van, pinning individual between both cars, causing deep lacerations, almost fully severing his leg.

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Estate of a passenger in a private plane crash who sustained fatal injuries.

Westchester County Lawyers for Victims of Violent Crimes

Attorneys Helping Families Affected by Homicide and Assault in Metro New York

If you or a member of your family was the victim of a violent crime, you deserve justice. For a person who has never experienced such a situation, the word "justice," as it relates to violent crime, typically means that the perpetrator is arrested, prosecuted, and convicted. While there is certainly a level of justice that is obtained in convicting the individual that committed the crime, victims are often entitled to more.

At Ivey, Barnum & O'Mara, LLC, our experienced personal injury lawyers understand that families who have been affected by violent crimes deserve to be compensated for their losses. The perpetrator, as well as any party who allowed the crime to occur, could be required to pay damages for the victim's medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, as well as his or her reduced quality of life, if appropriate. In homicide cases, the liable party could be responsible for other considerations as well. With our background and vast experience—including in some extremely high-profile cases—our lawyers are equipped to help your family seek full justice for your losses.



In both Connecticut and New York, any unlawful killing of another person is considered a homicide. From a criminal perspective, homicides carry a varying degree of charges and possible penalties depending on the circumstances. For the purposes of collecting compensation in a civil personal injury case, however, the actual criminal charges are but one of many points that will be considered. If your loved one was the victim of a homicide, our compassionate team will assist you in exploring your options for recovering financial compensation for your loss. We will remain at your side every step of the way.


Violent crimes such as assault can cause serious physical injuries to a victim, potentially leaving him or her unable to work while facing massive medical bills. If you have suffered injuries caused by another person's intentional act of violence, that person could be liable for the losses you have sustained. The skilled lawyers at Ivey, Barnum & O'Mara, LLC will work with you in building a case to hold the perpetrator and any other liable parties financially accountable so that you can focus on putting your life back together.

Wrongful Death

At Ivey, Barnum & O'Mara, LLC, we know that no amount of money is sufficient when you are dealing with the death of a family member. We realize, however, that the party or parties who caused your loved one's death should be held accountable for their negligent or intentional actions, especially those that constitute criminal acts. There are specific requirements for filing a wrongful death claim (depending on your state). Our attorneys will help you understand the process. We will also provide the guidance and representation you need during the proceedings.

Catastrophic Injuries

A violent crime can cause a wide range of severe injuries, including gunshot and knife wounds, broken bones, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Such injuries can have a devastating effect on the victim's life, as well as that of his or her entire family. At Ivey, Barnum & O'Mara, LLC, we work closely with violent crime victims who have suffered catastrophic injuries. We have helped victims recover compensation for medical expenses, modifications to their homes, reduced earning ability, and more. Let us put our proven approach to work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Seek Compensation if the Perpetrator Is Not Convicted?

Yes. Your ability to recover compensation for injuries caused by a violent crime is not dependent on a criminal conviction. The civil proceedings for compensation are separate from the criminal proceedings, and the standards of proof are different. You can even seek compensation if charges are never filed.


Should I Wait for a Criminal Trial to Finish Before Filing a Claim for Compensation?

While civil and criminal proceedings are separate, they can affect one another. The findings made in the criminal case can be used in the civil case for compensation. In most cases that involve both a criminal and civil complaint, the civil case will be stayed—or placed on hold—until the criminal case is complete.


How Long Do I Have to File My Claim?

New York and Connecticut both limit the timeframe for filing a claim for compensation related to a violent crime. In Connecticut, the claim must be filed within two years, while New York allows three years. The statute of limitations provides a two-year limit for wrongful death in both states.


Who Else Might Be Liable for My Injuries?

In most violent crime cases, the perpetrator is most likely to be liable, but he or she might not be the only liable party. For example, you could potentially seek compensation from the owner of the property on which the crime occurred if the owner failed to provide adequate security. Your attorney can help you understand the full scope of your case, including other parties who might be partially liable.

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