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$26,500,000.00 - Jury Verdict

Parent and young child lost lives when their motor vehicle was stopped in heavy traffic on interstate, and was rear-ended by a tractor trailer.

$12,500,000.00 - Jury Verdict

Estate of Nicole Brown Simpson awarded punitive damages against O.J. Simpson in its survival action against him for his intentional, malicious attack on her, resulting in her death.

$11,400,000.00 - Jury Verdict

Laborer working on elevator repair struck on head by falling debris, resulting in traumatic brain injury.

$9,500,000.00 - Settlement

Pedestrian on public thoroughfare struck on head by falling debris, resulting in traumatic brain injury.

$5,500,000.00 - Settlement

Passenger in motor vehicle lost life when struck head-on by legally intoxicated driver who crossed over highway divider.

$4,500,000.00 - Settled During Trial

Laborer electrocuted on job while operating an articulating boom crane on residential premises, resulting in severe burns.

$4,475,000.00 - Settlement

Patient bled to death in hospital room when left unattended after aborted surgery for spinal fusion.

$3,600,000.00 - Settlement

Individual lost life as a result of commercial aviation disaster.

$3,250,000.00 - Settlement

Pedestrian struck by school bus while walking on unmarked crosswalk, suffering broken pelvis and traumatic brain injury.

$3,000,000.00 - Settlement

Pedestrian struck by commercial vehicle while crossing street mid-block, resulting in spinal cord injury.

$2,850,000.00 - Settlement

Passenger in private plane lost life when plane crashed on final approach.

$2,350,000.00 - Settlement

Individual lost life from acute drug intoxication after ingesting combination of prescription drugs supplied by others.

$2,000,000.00 - Jury Verdict

Woman murdered during attempted car-jacking in municipal parking garage, parking garage found to be lacking in reasonable security.

$1,800,000.00 - Settlement

French tourist drowned in flash flood after tour guide directed group into slot canyon.

$1,800,000.00 - Settlement

Individual lost life in commercial aviation accident

$1,500,000.00 - Settlement

Individual died in hospital as a result of negligent post-natal care.

$1,350,000.00 - Settlement

Child died as a result of fall out of unsecured window in residential apartment complex.

$930,000.00 - Settlement

Homicide victim resulting from long-running landlord tenant conflict.

$900,000.00 - Settlement

Laborer fell from elevated I-beam on construction site, with no harness or protective netting, and fractured leg.

$750,000.00 - Jury Verdict

Laborer got limb caught in unprotected metal lathe machine while working at commercial premises.

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