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Being burned is one of the most painful injuries a person can experience. Severe burns can cause agonizing pain, disability, or permanent disfigurement. Many people who have suffered serious burns must undergo extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation services before their life can return to normal. Sadly, some burn victims never regain the same quality of life that they had before the burn injury. Ivey, Barnum & O'Mara, LLC has a knowledgeable team of burn injury lawyers who are ready to put their skills and experience to work for you.

Legal Representation for Burn Victims in Greenwich

According to the American Burn Association, there are approximately 486,000 burn injuries and 3,240 deaths related to burn injuries every year in the United States. Tragically, many of these burn victims are children. The vast majority of these burns occur at the victim's home, but burns can also happen at work, during motor vehicle accidents, and in other situations.

A first-degree burn is the mildest form of burn injury and does not usually require hospitalization. Second-degree burns damage both the outer and underlying layers of skin and may require more extensive medical treatment. Third-degree burns are commonly understood as the most destructive type of burn. Sufferers of third-degree burns may experience extreme pain, scarring, deformity, and disability. However, some health organizations recognize additional, even more severe degrees of burns in which muscles, bones, and organs experience burn damage.

While most people associate burns with intense heat, there are other ways in which a person might suffer a burn injury. Electrical burns are not uncommon on construction sites and other active work areas, while chemical burns may occur in laboratories, factories, and industrial settings or as the result of a spill.

Damages in a Burn Injury Lawsuit

Unfortunately, the suffering associated with a severe burn does not stop at the pain directly caused by the burn injury. Many burn victims are left with significant financial damage as well. Individuals who have suffered a serious burn may be facing a mountain of medical debt, including expenses related to their emergency room visit, ambulance ride, hospitalization, physical therapy, and more. Burn victims often require ongoing medical care, which can be quite expensive as well. These expenses can quickly become overwhelming – especially when the burn victim is unable to work because of his or her injuries.

If you were burned as a result of another party's negligence, a personal injury lawsuit may be able to help you recover compensation for these and other costs. In instances of gross negligence, a burn victim may also be eligible for punitive damages. To get started on the path toward compensation for a serious burn caused by another party's incompetence or carelessness, reach out to the experienced team of legal professionals at Ivey, Barnum & O'Mara, LLC for help. We will work with you to explore your options for pursuing compensation and develop a plan that works for your unique situation.

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