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Notable Personal Injury Cases

High-Profile Representation in New York, Fairfield County, and Westchester County

Greenwich personal injury and wrongful death attorney John Q. Kelly, Esq. has represented professional athletes, top corporate executives and media members on a variety of issues and high-stakes cases. His knowledge, skill, and experience have resulted in his handling of some of the biggest cases throughout the nation.

  • Lead attorney for the Estate of Nicole Brown Simpson, et al. v. O.J. Simpson
    in the wrongful death action resulting from the homicides of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The jury returned a verdict finding O.J. Simpson responsible for her death and awarding punitive damages to the Estate of Nicole Brown Simpson.
  • Lawyer for the Estate of Concetta Russo-Carriero
    in its wrongful death action against the City of White Plains which was ranked among the "Top Verdicts of 2014" by New York Law Journal. Evidence was presented over the course of three weeks to demonstrate how the City of White Plains had failed to properly secure or protect the parking garage adjacent to the Galleria Mall, where Mrs. Russo-Carriero was assaulted and killed in late June 2005. The jury returned a verdict in favor of Mrs. Russo-Carriero's estate in the amount of $1,983,000 for her conscious pain and suffering and wrongful death.
  • Attorney for Beth Holloway
    relating to the disappearance of her daughter, Natalee Holloway, while on spring break on the island of Aruba. It was Mr. Kelly's personal interactions with suspect Joran van der Sloot that directly led to van der Sloot being indicted in the U.S. on federal extortion and wire fraud counts.
  • Attorney for the Estate of Kathleen Savio
    third wife of former Bollingbrook police officer Drew Peterson. A coroner's inquest originally ruled Ms. Savio had accidentally drowned in her bathtub, but a subsequent inquest ruled the death a homicide, paving the way for a wrongful death claim by the Estate against Drew Peterson. Peterson was then subsequently indicted and convicted on homicide charges.
  • Attorney for Kathleen Caronna
    who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade when the Cat in the Hat balloon struck and broke a lamppost, which then struck Ms. Caronna on the head.
  • Attorney for the Estate of heiress Anne Scripps Douglas
    of the Scripps publishing family. Ms. Douglas was bludgeoned to death by her husband, who then leapt to his death off of theTappan Zee Bridge.
  • Attorney for the Estates of Mike Bastardi Sr. and Guy Bastardi
    killed in a motor vehicle accident when a woman with five children in a minivan headed the wrong direction on the Taconic State Parkway for almost two miles before striking Bastardi's SUV head on.
  • Attorney for the Estates of several victims of the Antelope Canyon flash flood disaster
    A group of French teenage girls drowned while on a guided Trek America tour through a slot canyon in Arizona when a flash flood roared through it.
  • Attorney for the mother of Adrienne Martin
    who died of a drug overdose at the residence of Budweiser Brewing heir August Busch IV.
  • Attorney for the estate of Rachelle Curry
    who drowned when the vehicle she was passenger in crashed through guardrail on Sprain Brook Parkway and landed in the reservoir 10 feet from shore. The driver of the car, her fiancé, James Callahan, escaped, but Curry remained trapped in the car, submerged in the frigid waters.
  • Attorney for the Estate of Barbara Kenna
    shot to death by her landlord, Louis Hubrecht, after enduring 30 years of hostility over her $567 per month rent-controlled apartment. The landlord claimed self-defense, which was rejected by the jury in the criminal trial. The estate of Ms. Kenna subsequently settled its wrongful death claim against the landlord.

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