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Winter Slip & Fall Accidents

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Winter in New York means snow and ice, which can result in slip and fall accidents. These type of accidents occur at a higher rate during the winter season, but it can somewhat difficult to determine liability in these type of cases.

New York premises liability laws state that property owners and manager are legally obligated to uphold a reasonable duty of care to keep their property safe by reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents on their property. If a person suffers an injury on the property due to a preventable hazardous condition, such as failure to remove snow and ice from walkways,the property owner can be deemed negligent and be held liable for damages.

Keep in mind, winter slip and fall accidents can occur in various places. Location matter when determining liability.

The following are the most common places to experience a winter slip and fall accident:

  • Single-family homes - Homeowners are not required to warn others of hazardous conditions,or remove accumulating snow and ice. So in the majority of cases, residential property owners are not liable for slip and fall injuries caused by natural snow and ice. However, if the homeowner makes conditions worse and increases the risk of a fall, they may be held liable.
  • Commercial properties - Owners and managers of commercial properties-businesses,stores, hotels, and apartments-must take measures to prevent accidental injuries. They need to post warnings of dangerous conditions and to remove hazards, such as snow and ice. If they fail to do so, they may be held liable for any injuries caused by the hazardous condition. If the owners hire outside contractors to clear snow and ice, but the job was done inadequately,the contractors may also be held liable.

If you suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident caused by a negligent property owner in New York, schedule a free consultation with our Greenwich personal injury lawyer today.

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