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Why You Should Never Post About Your Accident on Social Media

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In today’s world, nearly every adult has some form of social media,whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social media has provento provide a wide array of exciting possibilities and opportunities, particularlyfor those who enjoy sharing their thoughts, emotions, and lives online.However, many people do not realize the power of social media and howdamaging it can be, especially in terms of the law. You may have experiencedthe regret of posting something you wish you hadn’t, only to goback and delete it later. While this may have little to no consequencesin your personal life, this all changes following an accident or injuryat the hands of another.

When someone is injured due to the negligence or misconduct of another,social media can inadvertently return to hurt them later. Sometimes, victimsof injury may post a photo of their damaged vehicle or update their friendsabout the experience they have just endured. Though this may seem likeinnocent behavior for someone who is not at fault for the incident, thetruth can quickly be manipulated to alleviate the guilty party of anyresponsibility. In fact, it is a common practice for insurance companiesto use social media as evidence to devalue an otherwise credible claim.

Silence Is Golden

No matter what you post, it is crucial you keep in mind that staying activeon social media opens the door for your claim to be questioned, misinterpreted,or belittled. For example, a photo that depicts you smiling with yourfriends may be used to indicate that your injuries are not truly as severeas they seem. Also, social media can track your location and the defenseis guaranteed to source your posts to find mistakes in your claim. Ifyou are fighting for fair compensation after an unexpected injury or accident,everything you say or do online will be scrutinized until your case isresolved. This is true regardless of whether you are negotiating a settlementor fighting for justice in court.

Therefore, the best practice is to cease social media participation entirely.While deleting your old posts is not allowed, be vigilant about what youshare, keep your profiles private, and do not allow strangers to followor have access to your accounts.

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