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Why Teen Drivers Crash

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Teens are often excited to get their driver’s licenses and learn to drive, despite their parents’ worries. Parents have every right to be worried, however, since young drivers are often at an increased risk for a car accident. Here are some of the top reasons teen drivers get into accidents.


Young drivers haven’t had the years and years of experience on the road that older drivers have had. Even after Driver’s Ed and several driving lessons, teen drivers still have much to learn. Additionally, their reflexes to hazardous situations may not be as practiced as an older driver. Teen drivers also are learning how to react to hazards safely and control their vehicles. Make sure your teen gets regular driving practice,and continue to drive with them after they have their driver’s license to continue building good driving habits.


Teen drivers are still developing mentally and emotionally, and they are more prone to distractions. They’re still learning to manage all the information they are takingin while driving, and adding distractions, such as cell phones, the radio, personal grooming, eating, and passengers, can be a recipe for disaster.Encourage your teen to keep both hands on the wheel and wait for all other activities until after they are safely parked. Try to limit the number of people they can take in their car, and ask that they turn off their cell phone while behind the wheel.

Misjudging Conditions & Speeding

It can be difficult for teens to determine a safe speed for the conditions as they drive. Many teen drivers struggle with speeding, which can lead to deadly crashes. Darkness and poor weather also increase the chances of an accident. Help your young driver learn to judge the right speed for different conditions by practicing. Drive with them and teach them how to handle poor conditions. You can also discuss the choices you make while driving to help them understand how to manage varying road conditions.

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