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When Should I Settle My Accident Case?

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Following a traumatic and unexpected accident that leaves you injured,you are likely counting down the days to get back on your feet as soonas possible. While a swift insurance payment may be appealing in yourmoment of need, immediately resolving your claim and agreeing to a payouttoo quickly is one of the most mistakes you can make. Knowing the perfecttime to settle your claim is a sensitive matter, one that requires theexpertise and skill of a legal team you can trust.

Before you decide to accept the insurance company’s offer, make sureyou have thoroughly considered the following:

  • Know what your case is worth. Do you have an idea of the full extent ofyour medical bills, treatment, therapy, or future care? It can be impossibleto accurately determine these matters early on. Remember, the insurancecompany is hoping you will accept the earliest, cheapest offer. They willalmost always undercut the full extent of your claim while pressuringyou to make a decision.
  • Reflect on how this injury will affect your ability to work or earn futurewages. Do not accept a settlement that does not address the potentialof lost income, especially since you cannot foresee your return to employment.
  • Be sure of where you stand. Are you prepared to leave this issue in thepast? Once your case is resolved, you cannot legally revisit it again.

Ultimately, the decision to settle is an entirely personal one. No matterthe advice or counsel you are given, your optimal outcome will dependon the specific and private circumstances of your case.

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