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Snow Tubing Accident Highlights Dangers of Winter Sports

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Winter activities, such as snow tubing, can be a lot of fun for children and adults alike, but they can also be extremely dangerous when safety precautions are not taken.

One particular accident in early 2013 that illustrates the dangers of snow tubing occurred when five people at a Connecticut ski resort were seriously injured in a tubing accident. The accident victims, ranging in age from19 to 35, were treated at two local hospitals for injuries to their necks,heads and backs.

Investigators say that the accident was the result of an inner tube getting detached from the cable that was carrying it up the hill. The inner tube and its six hapless riders slid backward down the hill and slammed intothe base of the lift.

The dangers of snow tubing accidents

Snow tubing accidents like the one that occurred in Connecticut are far from uncommon. Another incident had deadly consequences when a woman from Chicago suffered from blunt force trauma after her snow tube veered offan embankment and slammed into a group of trees.

As snow tubing has boomed in popularity among ski resort patrons, the number of accidents that have resulted in injuries has also skyrocketed. In fact,medical experts estimate that they see hundreds of injuries caused by snow tubing, as well as sledding, each year.

Experts say that many of these accidents are caused when snow tubers hit trees and other fixed objects. These accidents often result in serious injuries to the head and neck when snow tubers fail to wear protective gear like helmets.

If you have been injured in an accident

Winter activities, such as snow tubing, sledding and skiing, are popular among those who want to enjoy the winter weather, but they come with potentially serious risks. In many cases, when people participate in these activities at businesses like ski resorts, the establishment may be responsible forany injuries that occur. Although patrons are advised that they participate in these sports at their own risk, a business may be held liable if it does not take the necessary steps to keep customers safe.

For example, if business owners do not ensure that the equipment is safe,or that trails are groomed properly, they have not done their due diligence to keep customers safe. In addition, a business owner is aware of such dangers, and shirks his or her obligation to warn customers of the hazards,they may be liable for any injuries that result.

If you have been injured participating in a winter sport at ski resort or similar business, contact an attorney who can advise you of your rights and tell you how to move forward with a claim against the establishment if you have one.

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