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After a jury awarded $12 million dollars to a 78-year-old woman whose right foot was left hanging by a flap of skin after a steam-pipe explosion in Midtown Manhattan, the Judge decreased the award by $8 million dollars after the woman asked for $7.5 million dollars more in damages for past pain and suffering.

On July 18, 2007, the plaintiff was standing on the corner of 40th Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, waiting to cross the street when she was suddenly catapulted into the air by an underground explosion.Upon landing, bricks, stones and boiling water fell on her. Lying on the ground, covered by debris for 45 minutes, she was finally rescued by the New York City Fire Department. Flaps of skin kept her right foot from detaching from her leg.

The plaintiff was taken to a nearby hospital where she underwent multiple,excruciating surgeries to save her right foot. Skin and muscle were removed from plaintiff’s chest and stomach to reattach her ankle and foot and fill-in any gaps. The muscle was exposed in places because she did not have enough excess skin to cover it. Her right toe developed gangrene and was amputated. She suffered from constant diarrhea and infection.She was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

The plaintiff sued the City of New York, Con Edison and a repair company working on the underground pipe. After a jury trial, the plaintiff was awarded $11.8 million dollars for pain and suffering, plus lost earnings of $378,000. At the conclusion of trial, the plaintiff asked the Judge to increase her damages by $7.5 million dollars. The plaintiff argued that she was entitled to the extra millions because her condition was much worse than an amputation. The Judge decided that the jury award was excessive and deviated from what would be reasonable compensation for her injuries.

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