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MTA Exempts Bus driver from criminal liability for hitting pedestrian in cross-walk

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An elderly woman was killed by an MTA bus when she crossed the street in Brooklyn and the bus driver cannot face criminal charges because of adeal reached by the Union and the City of the New York.

Hit and Run bus Driver with Criminal Past

Carol Bell, 70 years old, was crossing the street in broad daylight when she was hit by an MTA bus, pinned under the vehicle’s rear wheel and literally torn apart. Her mangled, lifeless body was left in the middleof the street as the bus driver simply drove away.

The bus driver, a 15 year employee of the MTA, had a lengthy criminal history,including arrests for possession of drugs and felony assault. The MTAadmitted that it knew about his arrest history, but kept him behind the wheel.

Despite onlookers hearing the impact, the bus driver did not stop the bus.His attorney said in a statement that the driver did not see the woman because she was in his blind spot.

Bus Drivers Exempt from criminal Liability

In September, the MTA bus drivers’ union reached a settlement with the City of New York exempting bus operators from criminal charges if they hit a pedestrian who has the right of way. The deal was reached after the Union complained that bus drivers were under attack and being charged liked criminals when they hit and kill pedestrians with the right of way.

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