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Long Island Doctor Dies After Cocaine & Alcohol Overdose

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Kiersten Cerveny was a married dermatologist and mother of three children.On October 5th, she was found dead in Manhattan apartment building lobby. The apparent cause of death was an acute overdose of cocaine and alcohol intoxication.

After a late night of drinking and partying with friends on the Lower East Side, Cerveny arrived at an apartment in Chelsea. Along with two other men, one purported to be Cerveny’s boyfriend, she used cocaine while at the apartment. Shortly after, she became ill, and the two men tried to carry her out of the apartment and to a taxi. She collapsed, and when emergency medical services arrived, was found in the apartment lobby.

The investigation is still ongoing, but there are many elements of this situation that allude to an incident of wrongful death. According to police reports and witness statements, there seems to bean extended period of time in which the 9-1-1 could have been called,but was not. Had swift action been taken upon immediately recognizing something was wrong, things may have turned out differently for Cerveny.

Illegal drug overdoses lead to many accidental deaths each year in New York-so does a failure to take appropriate and reasonable action.If you have lost a spouse, family member, or loved one to overdose of prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or excessive alcohol that was provided by another person, you may be able to take legal action to seek justice.

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