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Common Types of Construction Accidents in Connecticut

 Posted on June 06, 2024 in Personal Injury

CT injury lawyerConstruction accidents can be devastating. Workers who are injured in construction accidents are often unable to return to their jobs due to the catastrophic nature of their injuries. Severe burns, spinal cord injuries that cause paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, and loss of limb are all fairly common results of construction site accidents. These accidents often happen because safety regulations have been ignored. If you have been injured in a construction site accident, you may be entitled to significant compensation. The compensation you are owed could include lost future wages, medical expenses, and ongoing care costs. A Greenwich, CT construction site accident lawyer can fight to make sure you receive the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Construction Site Accidents That Happen Frequently

Most construction site accidents could have been prevented. Often, workers are injured because management decided to cut corners on safety measures. Some of the most common types of construction site accidents include:

  • Traffic accidents - Construction workers may need access to roadways to guide heavy equipment or normal traffic through, and traffic patterns may change to accommodate ongoing construction. This puts workers at risk of being hit by a car or even by heavy machinery entering or leaving the site. 
  • Falls - People working at great heights should be provided with harnesses or protected by adequate railings to prevent serious falls. When these precautions are not taken, workers can be seriously injured or killed. 
  • Heavy equipment accidents - Workers should receive adequate training on how to use each piece of heavy equipment safely before using it at a job site. Equipment should be well-maintained to reduce the chances of a dangerous malfunction. 
  • Scaffolding collapses - Scaffolding must be properly and carefully built and maintained, as collapses often injure multiple workers at once. 
  • Falling objects - Even if workers wear hard hats, they can suffer serious head and spinal cord injuries when struck by a falling object. Heavy objects dropped from great heights can severely injure anyone underneath. 
  • Fires and explosions - Due to the types of materials often present on construction sites, and how they are used, there is always some risk of a fire breaking out or explosive materials detonating. 
  • Hazardous materials exposure - Hazardous materials, like asbestos, mold, lead, and other toxic substances are often found in older buildings that construction workers might be renovating. 

Contact a Greenwich, CT Construction Accident Lawyer 

Ivey, Barnum & O'Mara, LLC is committed to helping injured construction workers recover compensation. Our experienced Metro New York Area construction site injury attorneys are actively involved in many civic and charitable organizations, working to give back to the community. Contact us at 203-661-6000 for a complimentary consultation.

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