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5 Tips to Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls at Work

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Falls constitute a large portion of workplace accidents and often result in lost productivity, lost wages, and lasting physical harm to the employees involved. They can result from wet floors, unkempt walkways, inadequate flooring, or any other inadequate structuring, cleanliness, or maintenance of areas intended for foot traffic. While they are common in the construction industry, they can happen in any place of work if conditions are not held to a high standard of cleanliness, organization, and overall safety.

Best Practices for Avoiding Workplace Injuries

While the possibility of a serious, life-changing workplace injury maybe daunting, such accidents are entirely avoidable. Workers in any industry can participate in keeping their environment safe by making an active commitment to good housekeeping in the workplace. Establishing the importance of deliberate maintenance often begins with those in leadership, but keeping the workplace safe requires the participation of employees at every level and can virtually eliminate the possibility of serious injury.

In order to prevent slips, trips, and falls in the workplace, the first step is to ensure that walkways are clear of clutter. This can be done through simple attention and initiative to do things like:

  • Pick up discarded wrappers
  • Wipe up unattended spills
  • Keep doorways free of obstacles
  • Report slippery, damaged, or inadequately maintained flooring
  • Eliminate clutter and unnecessary crowding in the workplace

Employees can also keep walkways clean and passable by making sure they themselves are not contributing to the danger. By not reporting slippery,unsanitary, or otherwise inadequate walkway conditions, employees fail to keep themselves and their coworkers safe. Employees can also contribute to dangerous conditions by tracking toxic, wet, or slippery substances into the workplace or habitually blocking walkways and exits.

Experienced Greenwich Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have already experienced a slip, trip, or fall at work and are suffering as a result, let Ivey, Barnum & O'Mara, LLC be your advocates.While you can help improve workplace conditions to avoid falls, your workplace injury may still be the result of inadequately maintained facilities and lack of maintenance by your employer or the property owner. You may be entitled to compensation for the damage and suffering you are experiencing.

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