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5 Common Myths About Personal Injury Claims

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There are many myths out there about personal injury claims, and many oft hese are patently false. In this blog, our New York personal injury attorneys discuss five of the most common and least accurate myths. If you or a loved one has been injured, contact us today for experienced counsel.

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1. Payouts for Personal Injury Claims Are Virtually Guaranteed

Many people think that personal injury suits are easy to win, and thata big payout can be expected in nearly every case. This couldn’tbe further from reality. Insurance companies will typically fight back against your claim, and fight back hard. With the help of a skilled New York personal injury lawyer, however, you can build a strong and effective case.

2. Personal Injury Lawsuits Are Typically Frivolous

More than a decade later, many people still think of the infamous “McDonald’sHot Coffee” lawsuit when they think of personal injury claims. What is true in that case, however, is true in nearly all successful personal injury claims - someone got seriously hurt. Both the costs and standard of proof in personal injury lawsuits are high, and prohibit many frivolous lawsuits before they start.

3. Pursuing An Injury Claim Simply Isn’t Worth The Time or Cost

Many people fail to understand just how expensive a serious injury can be. Take a broken leg, for example - a relatively minor injury in a serious car accident. Between frequent doctor’s visits, X-rays, rehabilitation, and possibly surgery, your broken leg could cost you well over $60,000 if you don’t have insurance! For chronic, lifelong injuries such as a broken vertebra,the cost of care could be far, far more. For this reason, it is absolutely worth it to pursue compensation if you have been injured.

4. You Should Hold Out For Maximum Compensation

Many people view settling as a negative, but it can just as easily be a good thing for plaintiffs. The decision of whether or not to settle is one that you will have to make with guidance from your New York personal injury attorney. In many instances, it may make sense to settle if the amount offered is fair, and if the case has already dragged on for months.

5. Personal Injury Lawyers Are Just In It For The Money

While there are always some exceptions, it’s important to remember that attorneys are people too. At Ivey, Barnum & O'Mara, LLC,we frequently meet people from all walks of life who have suffered severe,life changing injuries, as well as the families of wrongful death victims.Of course our firm is a business, but we are proud to work in a field that allows us to pursue justice on behalf of injury victims.

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